Adventures in Paris

Adventures in Paris

I was very fortunate to recently spend a few weeks in Paris. While there was time for all of the touristy things (and yes I ate WAY too many desserts!), I also visited a number of fabric and textile haunts, met with a pewter curator and had a sneak peek at a luxury interiors showroom in the early stages of development.

I think the biggest thing I took away from this entire trip was a new appreciation for fabrics. Before, I liked them, they come in ‘different pretty colours, textures, materials, look great, are versatile’ but, I didn’t actually appreciate them as such. One fabric house in particular ‘Prelle’ was just exquisite. One of the fabrics in particular was called Clef des Songes (meaning the “Key to Dreams/Contemplation”) was designed by Thierry Véron Dentressangle, and it just blew me away! Never before this had I stood in front of a fabric and marvelled at it from an artistic perspective. This particular navy fabric had images of large flowers and Japanese gardens to angels, amongst other images.

Another gorgeous fabric house was Charles Burger. They housed fabrics used during presidential visits and in the interior of The Ritz, a well-known and recognised hotel. What I loved here was the history lesson I received of the fabric designs throughout the years, from the different King Louis reigns to Marie Antonette and beyond. The fabric told a story of significant and monumental moments and times in history.

I also met with Xavier, a pewter curator and learnt about the different ways to mold and use this product. It was incredible learning about the process of this metal and the ways in which it can be used in interiors. It was described as being like fine wine, it aged gracefully and well and the older the better.

I also met with Celine, a business developer for luxury interiors. Celine not only took me to the above mentioned places, but also showed me the new NORKi showroom in the making. The pieces in here were created using various types of fur including fox, lamb, sheep, cowhide and mink. The green fox throw was absolute heaven to sit on and the pieces exuded simplicity, but the ultimate in luxury style!

I came home with brain overload, however, had an ABSOLUTE blast! As time goes on, I’ll share more bits and pieces, along with interviews, from this trip!!

B xx


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