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Hi I’m Becc!

I’ve been in love with interiors for many years, so much so that my favourite day of the month growing up was always when the latest Country Style magazine came on sale. While life, travel and my career pulled me in one direction, my happiest place was always pouring over decorating books and rearranging both my own and friends homes.

Hey there, I’m Becc, it’s so lovely to meet you! To say I’ve been in love with interiors for years is an understatement. For a LONG time, it was my go to for down time, hobby, dream career and side hustle. While life, travel and my previous career pulled me in one direction, my happiest place was definitely always pouring over decorating books and rearranging both my own and friend’s homes.


I was born and bred in country NSW, enjoyed the London life for a while, but for 7 years now have called Sydney’s North Shore home. While I love the city life, and most definitely my piccolo latte daily, I still treasure my connection and roots with the country. This bond is symbolised with the two linking B’s in my logo – city and country, heart and home, client and designer.


I fully believe the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, so I design predominantly within the niche I know best, are known FOR and do VERY well – the Luxury Hamptons and Provincial niche. What exactly does this mish mash style look like? Well, think grand American aka Ralph Lauren meets the Hamptons, parties with New Yorks Upper Eastside and enjoys a spot of English high tea on their day off! Who doesn’t love Somethings Gotta Give, wainscotting and more wainscotting, coffered ceilings, parquetry flooring, wallpaper galore and navy striped Louis style armchairs?! You can’t put my design style in a single box, it’s a mix of classic and timeless styles that can be both enjoyed and loved by current clients and swooned over with a lot of ‘oh I love this’ by the next.

Everybody deserves a place to call home.

Why do I love doing this? Simple – everybody deserves a place to call home! A few years back I saw the Australian movie, Lion, and there was a particular scene that to this day still haunts me. It showed the generosity of one little boy to another, but it wasn’t with food or asking him to play, it was offering him a bed for the night. That ‘bed’ was a piece of dirty cardboard on cold cement in an overcrowded and filthy train station. No child, let alone any human, should live like this. For every project completed, an amount will be donated to an organisation called Compassion to help provide food, an education and home for children all around the world. I’m so blessed to be able to create beautiful homes for people in Australia, but, I want to help provide for children and adults everywhere. Why? Because everybody deserves a place to call home! My (even bigger) dream is to one day be able to help build safe places for children, somewhere they can go to, somewhere they can call home… even if it’s only for a season.


Again, welcome to my site, thank you for visiting, drop me an email, throw an idea past me or just say hi! In the meantime, feel free to follow my instagram and blog for more luxe style ideas.

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