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Hi I’m Becc!

Home is the foundation of helping grow, support and nurture relationships, a safe place to build, encourage and inspire. A beautiful home helps develop just that!

You may be wondering, how did a girl from the country, who grew up spending weekends mustering cattle, come to study at Harvard, then going on 6 years now walk away from a career to now be sourcing pieces from Lamborghini for clients? Well, best start at the beginning…


I was born and bred in north-west country NSW. I was riding horses not long after I could walk, and spent most weekends until leaving for college (unlike my brothers, I didn’t want to go to boarding school) being a typical country kid. There was no pocket money for working all day, I was raised with a simple concept – get it done. And yes, like many country kids, I had a pet cow!


I initially studied Education at University. Did I enjoy teaching? Yes. Did I have an absolute love and passion though for it? Honestly, no. I always felt restless and was always dreaming of design. I gave teaching 100% because that’s what I’d been taught – if you’re doing something, regardless, you give it everything. But that became the problem, over 10 years of giving it everything, I couldn’t pretend and give it anymore. Design always came naturally, and with a sincere passion and joy for design, that was my dream. After a character building year of working full time, also studying yet again externally at Harvard, as well as mid-year my nephew being diagnosed with a severe heart disease, skip to the end of that year, I was done! Life was short, I said a prayer, handed in my resignation and jumped into the world of interior design. I’ve never looked back.

I believe the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, which is why I choose to specialise in classic interiors. This is a mesh of English, American and Provincial interiors, with at times an element of modernism thrown in. Over the years it’s grown, and now includes sourcing and styling iconic investment pieces from brands such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin.


My country upbringing, I believe, instilled the values I still hold closest to me today in business – honesty, integrity, hard work and especially authenticity. I still call a spade a spade, and will be the first to highlight not only the benefits, but the importance of having a home you love. Among many things, it’s the foundation of helping grow, support and nurture relationships, a safe place to build, encourage and inspire. A beautiful home forms the basis of so much more than just ‘a beautiful home’. Being involved in the initial foundations though of helping create an environment these things can be fostered and flourish, designing spaces people love, seeing things built, that’s what I’m about.

Everybody deserves a place to call home.

While my ideas and designs have come from me, they’re never about me, they’re about the people I’m helping. I fully believe in helping others whenever and wherever possible, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s part of every single one of our roles as humans – to help and lift others up. A few years back I saw the Australian movie, Lion, and there was a particular scene that to this day still haunts me. It showed the generosity of one little boy to another, but it wasn’t with food or asking him to play, it was offering him a bed for the night. That ‘bed’ was a piece of dirty cardboard on cold cement in an overcrowded and filthy train station. No child, let alone any human, should live like this. As a result, we are committed to sponsoring a child through Compassion to help provide food, an education and home for children all around the world. I’m so lucky to be able to create beautiful homes for people in Australia, but, I want to help provide for children and adults everywhere. Why? Because everybody deserves a safe place to call home!


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