Country Style Alfresco Dining

Country Style Alfresco Dining

Are you looking to create the perfect country style alfresco dining experience on a budget? Look no further, because a genuine, beautiful and authentic experience DOESN’T need to cost an arm. Why? Because the majority of materials and pieces you use on your table should come from the environment.

For this setting, I used an old OLD wool classing table. It just so happened, Wilga Valley, once ran sheep and therefore had a woodshed on the property. I took the table and placed next to the stockyards, creating a gorgeous backdrop once the sun set behind the mountains. Don’t have stockyards or a classing table? That’s ok, use any old (literally) table you like, it’ll simply add the the authenticity of the setting.

When designing a table setting, I always start with the table runner or cloth. Here, I put two canvas table runners on the table, one in off white and the other a grey. I then place the biggest piece in the middle. In this case, I used a tin bucket and simply filled it with eucalyptus leaves. From here, I like to put two slightly smaller tan the middle piece, pieces (that was a mouthful) at the end of the table, just to define the length of it. I used two candelabras in silver… gorgeous! AND, they add a romantic ambience after dark. I created two amazing grazing platters and placed them either side of the centrepiece then filled in the gaps with a mixture of smaller pieces such as pine cones, smaller candles and foliage. Whala… easy peasy stunning decorating!!

HINT: If you don’t want to decorate in a country style theme, use ANY foliage around you… hydrangeas from your garden, wheat, cotton, ANYTHING!! Just go for a walk and look outside your back (or front!) door.


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