Wall Features with a wow factor!

Wall Features with a wow factor!

How did I create the stripes on the feature wall… Honestly, it was easy!

Firstly, I measured the length and height of the wall. I knew I wanted 5 big sections for the blue and grey… And being particular, I wanted blue to be both at the top and bottom. It was then a matter of dividing the wall height by 5. Then, I simply ‘shaved’ off the cm’s I wanted between where the blue and grey would meet to make those sections even… This was about 10cm from memory?

I then put numerous pieces of tape along the wall (going along measuring top to bottom also numerous times) so when it came to putting the tape up, it was simply a matter of lining up the dots horizontally. I painted three coats of the blue and grey. The next morning, I took the blue tape off and reapplied new tape ON TOP of the blue and grey sections so when I painted the smaller white sections, you were left with a very clean neat line. Easy!! As for the Walt Disney saying, that I just put tape up and went for it. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a leap and hope for the best!! ????


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