What is the ideal loungeroom layout?

What is the ideal loungeroom layout?

How many people know someone (or you) who have both the 2 and 3 seater lounge in the same design? Perhaps they’ve/you’ve had it for decades?

Nice, for sure… But here’s something about me, I don’t do matchy matchy, I rarely recommend it and it most definitely works! I knew this many year’s ago when I splurged on a (singular) new couch… And splurge I did! When I was relocating from Brisbane to Sydney, it became a running joke about how I was going to get my BEAUTIFUL 4 seater Hamptons sofa down here and into a place that fit it. To cut a long story short… Did I, you bet!! Do I still have it? Well, let’s just say that when the time came, it was a painful separation… I’m talking about the couch! Friends still laugh to this day. Me… not quite yet ????

So… the point… Why is it great to have a sofa AND single comfy chairs instead?

1. There’s no awkwardness of people trying to sit on a straight couch, but face each other. When you’re more in that ‘aquaintance’ stage and therefore don’t curl up with your feet on the couch… One can very quickly end up with a sore neck and back constantly turning from side to side to face whoever is talking!

2. Singles can create more of a square type shape and therefore environment where everyone can more easily see each other talking and participate in the conversation.

3. Let’s be honest, if people are comfy, they’ll stick around longer!

So for future reference, if you have a slight complex because people come around to visit but never stay too long… It may not be you… But infact the layout of your furniture!

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