White is not just white!

White is not just white!

My go to shades of white for that perfect Hamptons look!


For anyone who’s ever painted, renovated or built (and be prepared for those who are about to embark on it) you’ll very quickly learn that white is not just white, grey is not just grey and black is definitely not just black!

When it comes to white, you firstly have warm white and cool white. It’s really easy, warm whites have a ‘yellow’ undertone while cool whites have a ‘blue’ undertone. What’s the difference… mmmm, a LOT!

Let me try and summarise ‘which may work best for you’ this way. You’ll love a warm white if:

  • You love drinking cocktails on the beach
  • You enjoy (or think you’d enjoy) surfing down sand dunes
  • You love a Scandinavian style interior
  • You love your wooden floor that has a yellow tone to it


  • You loved Hogs Bristle 10 years ago

If you answered yes to these, the warmness of the white, I think, will fit you like a glove. Why? Because if you like these things, I imagine you’ve got a surfboard stashed somewhere, you like minimalistic looks and the thought of staying in a very cool Balinese style hut is something you’d say absolutely too – all of which I think is awesome!!

And then we have the cool whites. Now, I think you’re going to prefer a cool white if:

  • You love gazing at the beach from the comfort of your deck chair while being surrounded by hydrangeas
  • You regularly sport nautical coloured clothing, own a few polos and a pearl earring is part of your everyday staple wear
  • You’re more the poolside type than surfer
  • You like to imagine your more like Charlotte in Sex and the City than any of the other ladies

Now, for those who thought white is just white…. Are you seeing the difference? How you feel in your home, or want to feel, is hugely impacted by the tones and colour of your spaces. NEVER underestimate the difference a coat of white paint can make in changing the look and style of your room.

For those fellow Hamptons lovers, I’ve found you can’t go wrong with a cool white. They’re crisp, inviting, always fresh, they don’t date and you can pair SO many classic soft furnishings with them.

So, what are my go to’s for white paint? Well, from Dulux that would be:

  • Lexicon half for the walls and quarter for the ceiling (for an ever so slight blue/grey undertone)
  • Vivid white in small spaces (for both the walls and ceiling) talk about ‘pop’
  • White on white with vivid white ceiling (for an ever so slight two tone – but a crisp white)

From the Taubmans range, it would be:

  • Briliant white and
  • Cotton sheets for a slightly more coastal Hamptons feel

Whether you choose warm or cool white is totally a personal preference, neither are ‘more right’ than the other…. BUT, if you’re after that classic Hamptons look… yes, the cool white will definitely work better than a warm!

Hot tip: Get sample pots and paint A4 size swatches in various areas of your home. This way you can see the different shades in different lights and at different times of the day!

Have fun!


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