The rule of 3

The rule of 3

Decorating in Rules of 3


(As seen in myDomaine Magazine – September Issue)


It’s not the ‘what’ but the ‘how to’ style that many people find difficult when attempting to style their home. When people have loads of pieces in their home that are scattered sporadically, the eye gets overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to look. I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s really very easy… and called the rule of 3. It does go on to be rules of 5 and so on (yes, good job, odd numbers!) but we’ll start with an easy 3.


How do I do this and what do I need? Also easy…. Something high, some medium and something low. Do they have to be gigantically different in heights… no, but make sure they aren’t more than about 30cm in height… otherwise I would suggest creating another group of three, within you three.


When pieces are placed in groups of three, the eye is drawn to the highest piece and works its way down, this way you are  also showing off all of those beautiful pieces in your home, instead of letting the décor pieces compete with one another for attention. Just remember, always put the largest piece at the back, then the middle piece and the smallest towards the front.


If you want to start with a small cluster (we call these a fancy word – vignettes), may I suggest choosing a side buffet or even single side table with a small surface area… it’ll be less overwhelming.

Most importantly, remember to have fun!! Play with the pieces, move them slightly this way or that… as a designer, we do it ALL the time!


Picture: Becca Interiors


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