Concept Design Package

For the DIYer who is serious about luxury!


Are you a DIYer who’d love to have a go at your own interior styling or renovation, but have absolutely no idea where to start?


Don’t stress, I hear it all the time…!


Do you look around at your living room space thinking I want a designer looking space but there is mis-matched ‘stuff’ everywhere, hand me downs as far as the eye can see… and as for style… I don’t even know what this is or what I want?!


Do you go shopping for interior accessories, only to find 6 months has gone by and you’ve made no purchases at all… because you’re still confused?!


I’m chuckling because I hear that all the time too!


Most of my work involves 7-figure homes and designs, but I’m contacted constantly by people who would love to have the ‘designer’ insight as they start their own renovation.


I created a package just for you!


Introducing ‘The Design Concept Package’


Everything you need when you want to DIY – with luxury and ease.


My name is Becc and I’m an interior designer based in Sydney.


I spend most of my days working with clients who are busy professionals ie CEO’s, doctors and mostly attorneys! What are these interiors like? Well it’s no secret they’re two words, high-end! I’m talking regular Ralph Lauren, Armac Martin and a lot of custom design.


I’ve even designed a full blown English style library… aka an adults Disneyland from my perspective!


Most of these projects take anywhere between 18-24 months to complete.


To say I love working with this clientele is an understatement, it’s a lot of fun… but I love interior design full stop.


I love helping everyone whenever I can and have featured in numerous design articles offering expert tips and tricks to creating a designer look in your home.


I just love sharing anything interiors… which is where and why the Concept Design Package was created.


No one wants to begin an interior style or renovation already stressed out!


I get it, not everyone is visual… not everyone can imagine a space.


I hear you when you say ‘but the tv shows make it look so easy’. It is, but that’s my job, so don’t chase me with a pitch fork just yet!

If you’ve stood there staring at a space thinking I want to do something but have no idea what, how or where to even start… this package is for you!


So what is it?


The Concept Design Package is a professionally designed package of concepts illustrating what your space could very easily look like!


Your space, designed, by a high-end luxury designer.


So what exactly is included in the concept package?


What is included in the package:


-2x different professionally designed interior style concepts to help you easily visualise these new spaces in your home


-2x paint pallet boards for your soon to be fabulous new space (because everyone says ‘so what colour would you paint it so I thought I’d add that in too!’)


-3x wireframes of the space so you can add in your own colours whenever you’d like


-Furniture and/or joinery configurations


-All digital images emailed directly to you within a week


-8x 4000K renders (Value alone at $3500)


-List of preferred suppliers that I work (it’s taken me years to come up with this list I have specifically created for people I work with) (Valued alone at $3,000)


-A 30 min zoom call to discuss the renders, concept boards and give you for a HGTV type experience (aka walk you through and around) the space.


$2500 + GST per room


What do I need from you?


Not much at all, just 6 photo’s (off your camera is absolutely fine) to give me a visual of the space and see what’s there now, you know, like windows, the flooring…. All those sorts of things!


Why does the concept design package make your life a million times easier?


Because you can take the renders and get started immediately on your space… minus the headaches or complaining like a hungry 5 year old. You’re more than equipped, you’ll be off and racing to begin the new work on your home – And the crowd goes wild because I can hear you smiling from here!


Why do I LOVE this package? Not only because you get access to an interior designer from absolutely anywhere, but it equips you with ideas and inspiration specific to your home (not someone else’s Pinterest pictures) to confidently begin your project!


So what are you waiting for? Click the book here button, email me your pictures straight away and I’ll see you in a week’s time over zoom!


How it works:


Click ‘Book Now’ to purchase your ‘design concept’ package


Email 6 pictures of the space to [email protected]


In 1-2 weeks (max!) you’ll receive your completed render package, along with a 30min zoom call to go through these


List of hand-picked suppliers that I work with (no more stressing about getting the right people for the job, and yes, many of these business are a franchise or you can order directly online!)


You’ll have everything you need ready to go – so you can start buying, organising and renovating straight away after you receive my custom package.


This package is designed for the every day person who wants a beautiful and unique home – without a full-time designer and therefore high end price tag. You will save thousands of dollars (and thousands of hours) just by booking this package.


I only offer a limited number of these packages per month due to my availability, so book now so you don’t miss out – your dream concept home awaits!

What my happy clients say

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