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Interior architecture isn’t about the soft furnishings, it’s about making people go ‘wow’ in a space that doesn’t have a single piece of furniture in it. So much so that adding furniture is considerably harder, because unless it only increases the wow factor, then it’s not going to work!


For this design I was inspired by the huge, seemingly endless, corridors in many European castles and chateaus. I love that for the something usually quite ‘boring’ in any other context, they are show stoppers and full of detail and history. I wanted to created a corridor in this home that wasn’t just a thoroughfare, but instead served multiple purposes. With a love of books also, as the home didn’t hold hundreds of years of detail in the architecture, it could instead holds hundreds of years in the countless books it housed and the stories they told. When we get so engrossed in a book, all many of us want to do is sit and read it, so I wanted a spot in very close proximity that could allow this. Outside the powder coated French doors is a paved  sitting area – a space one could get lost in for hours. A modern day romantic in a fairytale setting!

Transforming mundane interiors into ‘long after you’re gone talking points’, all through interior architecture!

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