How to hang the perfect curtains!

How to hang the perfect curtains!

How to hang curtains…. Sounds kind of boring hey? BUT, I guarantee after looking at these pictures and reading this, you’ll have a light bulb moment…. or two!

Sometimes we are creatures of habit (that’s ok!) but we can also do things ‘because that’s how it’s always been done’. To be VERY honest, if there is a saying in the world I REALLY loathe… that one would be it!

So, how/where do people often hang curtain rods…. simple, on the frame. TODAY, I’m going to push your mindset a little.

How do I recommend hanging curtains…. NOT on the frame and HIGHER than the frame too! Why? Well….

  1. When you hang the rod on the frame, people often end the rod at the end of the frame too. Why can this be a pain? Because when you draw back the curtain, you always loose ‘x’ amount of light because the curtains are still covering the window or door itself and therefore limiting the light that COULD potentially still come in.
  2. When the curtain is drawn back, there is usually a few cms gap still between the curtain back and the frame. Why is this annoying? Because if you’re not a morning person, it still lets a little amount of light trickle in through the sides in the morning.
  3. Making sure the curtain rods are longer than the frame ensures no light comes through in the morning.
  4. Bottom line, the higher the rod, the taller the room looks in height.
  5. If the curtains are higher, the room looks more grand.
  6. When the curtains are higher and drawn right back past the end of the window or door frame, you let more light in during the day AND you can actually show off the beautiful framing around the window or door.

So have a go! Next time you’re about to hang curtains, have a go at hanging them higher AND not make sure the rod is wider than the window or door frame. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!


Images sourced from Pinterest.


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