Park Avenue Interiors

Park Avenue Interiors

Upper East Side interiors scream luxury. Not opulent as such, this, I personally feel, is slightly different. I associate opulence with traditional Parisian interiors ie gold laced, detail, velvet, luxe of the luxe. Luxury is wow, shine, light, reflection. While Parisian light is luxury spaces is often created through the vast amount of natural light, Upper East Side light is usually created (unless you’re in the Sex and The City Penthouse!) by the clever design of task and accent lighting. Why? Because they’re apartments and the ceilings aren’t often (as a whole) really high.

So, what are some of the elements of an UES apartment?

  • They can look ‘luxe Hamptons’ or ‘modern luxury’ (depending on your taste)
  • Shine (mirrors, furniture, tiles)
  • Light (created through a lot of task and accent lighting)
  • Wainscotting
  • Wallpaper is used a lot (and for reason, there are some BEAUTIFUL patterns!)
  • Lower ceilings as they are apartments after all
  • Light flooring in the main living/entertaining area ie oak wood, beige tiles
  • Shiny lobby (lots of shine screams luxury after all – interiors 101!)

Are you interested in creating a Glam / Luxe Hamptons look in your home, however, need a simple idea to start? Send an email with the subject title ‘Luxe Hampton’s’ for your FREE digital moodboard of a Luxe Hampton’s space. Bx

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