Can I use single pieces in my kitchen?

Can I use single pieces in my kitchen?

Custom… define custom?! If you’re looking for unique, custom is one way to achieve this. But, unique stand alone pieces are another way to create a beautiful space…. and is also sometimes less expensive! For example, people often (and that’s ok!!!) like/want/think their kitchen should all match ie the bench tops the same, cupboards the same, handles the same…. you get the idea. Do you HAVE to? Absolutely not! Hav you ever though about putting a single island bench of different material in the centre of your kitchen? Something you may have spied at an antique shop once upon a time! What about cupboards? Why not opt for a standalone cupboard that both hides AND displays some of your plates, cups, bowls etc. Just because it’s a kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t have decorative pieces on show.

When both renovating OR wanting to change things up, don’t be scared to branch out and just like other rooms, collect and install pieces that are slightly different. Trust me… it’ll look incredible!

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