Cheaper bathroom renovation ideas!

Cheaper bathroom renovation ideas!

Tiles…. do I HAVE to use tiles in my bathroom, aren’t they the norm, doesn’t every bathroom have them? Good news… nope, more often than not, and no! What other options are there then? Good ole’ fashion paint. Renovating can be a very expensive task in itself, however, there really are cost effective and inexpensive ways to still give rooms in your home a wow factor. Tiles (and lots of them!) have been used in bathrooms forever. The good news is though that using a bold paint colour (and sometimes even not!) can make a bathroom look spectacular. For example, patterned tiled floors with neutral/white walls, love it!! My favourite, navy walls with marble… spectacular!! Marble bath (or white), marble sink top and white toilet, amazing!

I would recommend putting tile in wet areas such as the shower, but you don’t need to deck the entire bathroom with them. You can (or not) opt to put a row of them above a sink, but again, this isn’t a hard and fast rule that you must. Paint is far less expensive than tiles and creates just as amazing room. Wall decor such as wainscoting is always another option, but dependent on your budget can add to it agin if you’re trying to keep costs down.

Have a look around next time at paint colours you could use on the walls instead next time. Remember, #youdoyou and forget the trends!

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