How to use mirrors in your home.

How to use mirrors in your home.

Mirror mirror on the wall…. or floor…. or leaning on a table.

There are SO many effective ways you can use a mirror in your home. Once upon a time, mirrors were traditionally hung on walls. Nowadays, you can put a mirror anywhere you like! Needing ideas… well:

  1. Rest a mirror on your front entrance table. It helps reflects light in a small space AND acts as a last minute check when running out the door!
  2. Lean a BIG mirror up in your loungeroom. Why does it need to be big? Because you don’t want to be leaning over or sitting on your knees to peer into it. The bigger it is, the bigger the statement piece it’ll also make in your room. Plus, it’ll again reflect so much light and make the space appear far bigger than it is.
  3. Lean a mirror above a mantel piece. The mirror doesn’t need to be as big as one that would sit on the floor, but it also acts as a reflector, statement piece and actual mirror (imagine that!) in the room.

Have a play with your mirrors and think ‘outside the box’ when thinking about where to put yours. Notice I said put… not all needs to be hung!

Have fun!

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