Mis-match chairs that look fabulous!

Mis-match chairs that look fabulous!

I love mix and matching within styles. What does this mean, well, I choose a style (or styles) and mix pieces that work. For example, if there is a particular colour combination (lights, darks, pastels) or the textures are similar ie they’re natural like cotton, jute or distressed wood, I’ll find pieces and put them together.

I’ve done this with my beautiful dining table. I purchased the distressed country style wooden table with metal industrial style legs and the matching bench for one side. On the other though, I purchased two seperate beige linen wingback provincial style chairs and paired these two with a charcoal linen chair. The look, SO unique and very stunning!

When you’re buying a new dining table, don’t think you HAVE to purchase the chairs it comes with…. you don’t! They are 99% of the time just suggested chairs to go with it… but shake it up a little if you want. Remember, design and decorating is a creative industry, not a rule book industry!

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