Black Kitchens

Black Kitchens

Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE black. Why? Because fashion wise, I think black is the most elegant look! Any style…. pants, heels, skirt, dress, draped in pearls, it’s just timeless and makes anyone and everyone look good! The blacker the better! Pair this with red lippy…. perfection!

Focus, interiors, does this marry into them? In my opinion, absolutely! Your home should tell a story of who you are, where you’re from, what you love and where you’ve been. So are you still dreaming of your dream home? My question is why wait, you can start building and creating your dream home now, today, this instant! What around you is moveable, could you replace an old side table with something you’d love more? Could you paint it…? I’m a huge fan of the chalk paint too. As for renovations, what would one of your dream spaces look like?

If you didn’t recently see my post on instagram, may I introduce you to black kitchens. A black kitchen is my one day dream kitchen. Black cabinetry with silver provincial draw and door handles, silver English style tapware, marble bench tops and backsplash, dark chevron wood flooring and wall to ceiling wainscoting in the surrounding area. Now THIS will be a jaw dropping kitchen.

Now if the thought of a black kitchen immediately made you think, oh heck no, just check these out… they may just sway your opinion. Timeless, elegant, kid friendly, classic. Sign me up Eddy…..

Images from Pinterest


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