French Provincial – what does that look like?

French Provincial – what does that look like?

French Provincial Interiors differ from Parisian interiors. While still absolutely beautiful, they omit both a different look and feel. Provincial interiors offer a very ‘homey’ feel. This is due to the nature of both the colour and textures used. Natural materials are used extensively throughout this style and are reflective of the natural resources around the French countryside.

Elements incude:

  • Wood, wood and did I mention wood? (Especially light wood ie oak)
  • Linen
  • Natural colours ie whites, greys, beige
  • Glass
  • Chandelier lighting (this is typical with French interiors and does extend to the country regions)
  • white floor boards
  • Natural small leaf foliage

Australian interiors have adapted this gorgeous style to create what we call ‘Australian Hampton’s’ It’s a mix of Hampton’s ie the whites and blues with the greys and beige of the provincial to create our own style mish-mash of the two. Personally, it’s my favourite! Why? Because it’s taking pieces of what I love from a few places to create a space that’s perfectly you. It’s combing styles, influences and feelings to create a space you both love and WANT to be in most importantly!!

On it’s own, it’s still absolutely stunning… but like all styles, what elements could you take from here that resonate with you to create your perfect space at home?


Images via Pinterest and Becc Burgmann Interior Design and Decorating.


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